Our Artists

Jared Gotcher, Bearded Visionary

Jared is the founder of Ordinary Means. He is also the rapper known as Redeemed Flea, and has been featured in shows like The Poets In Autumn Tour. Jared is a life-long visual artist and creative thinker. He is an MDiv student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He holds a bachelor's degree in poetry, and has received formal training in photography, videography, drawing, design & music production. Between jobs and contracts, Jared has worked hundreds of hours in many (literally nine) different industries. This has contributed to his unique set of skills which he uses to give momentum to artists, authors and entrepreneurs who want to use their talents to earn a living, glorify God, and meaningfully contribute to their communities.


Jesse Moody, Artistic Director

Jesse is studying to become an electrical engineer, aspiring to become a better artist, and working daily to become more like Christ. He dabbles in a little bit of everything including (but not limited to) graphic design, web design, tech repair, audio engineering, computer programming, video, photography, digital art, longboarding, drones, RC aircraft, 3D printing, and so on. Between college classes, he works on graphic design commissions, oversees the visual/technological side of Ordinary Means, and develops his second electric longboard project. Jesse joined Ordinary Means because he believes that making gospel-centered art for man’s good and God’s glory is a vital means to man's chief end.


Seth Guerra, Executive Producer

Seth is a producer, drummer, DJ, and metal-head. By day, he is a welder; but he functions as the mind behind all the sound put out by Ordinary Means. You may know him as MAD Music Studio or by his rapper pseudonym, Bearbones. He produces records with Redeemed Flea, and runs the sets for all live performances. With a background in industrial design & engineering, he's also intimately involved in all of our manufacturing and distribution.


Andrew Barnett, Graphic Designer

Andrew is a musician, producer, metal-head and visual artist. In the past, he's produced music with Redeemed Flea. He's been the best friend of Jared Gotcher since 2004, so he's near and dear to the heart of Ordinary Means. He currently works closely with O.M. to produce high-quality graphic art and illustrations. He's passionate about character design, effective storytelling, reformed theology, and quality cigars.


Alexander Odum, Photographer

Alexander graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with his B.F.A. in Photography. Incidentally, he can also build a house from the ground up, having worked in home-refurbishing through his years in university. Normally, one could find him in the kitchen, whipping up an awesome meal with Jared Gotcher, but currently, he resides in Wales, sent by his home-church, Keystone Bible Church, to study missions under World Horizons UK. He contributes to Ordinary Means with his stunning photography, his thoughtful writing, and his dear friendship.


Alexa Joy Guerra, Photographer

You may know Alexa as Just Act Natural Photography. We know Alexa as Joy. A brutally sarcastic joy, who writes and sings and takes pictures. On top of running her own photography gigs, Alexa works closely with Mikael in Master's Mind Media and with Ordinary Means as a photographer and videographer.


Mikael Guerra, Film Director

Mikael has been the CEO of Master's Mind Media, LLC. since his early teens. He's well-seasoned in photography and videography. He is gifted at seeing the big picture and executing shoots accordingly. Thus, Mikael often functions as the director and chief editor for Ordinary Means in our video & photography projects. He's a talented executive and a kind-hearted family man.


Joshua Lindsay, Author

Joshua is an odd-ball of joy. He is humble and inquisitive. He's very comfortable on the stage and at his desk, writing stories on his laptop; in both places, he is immersed in another world and deeply invested in the telling of a great tale. Joshua contributes to Ordinary Means through his writing and constructive dialogue.


Sam Forster, Producer

Sam is a talented musician and producer. Under the pseudonym "VIII.XIII" (referring to Romans 8:13, and the Tampa area code 813), he produces records with Redeemed Flea and Bearbones. He loves good hip-hop, great friends, and sound theology.